Our principal consultants each have more than 20 years of experience in software development. We have built and maintained software for commercial sale and for enterprise deployment. Experience includes web, desktop, and mobile application development. Our principal consultants also hold degrees in computer science, math, and mechanical engineering.

Tools and Technologies

Over the years we have used a wide range of tools and technologies. Earlier in our carrers we used languages such as Fortran, Basic, C, and SQL. More recent work involves building and maintaining enterprise applications, primarily using Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, ASP.NET, MVC, and XAML. Languages that we use most often include C#, T-SQL, JavaScript, and Python.

Work Examples

Listed below are a few examples of project work by our principal consultants.

  • Advantage Calculators – Developed and sold calculator software tailored to scientists, engineers, and construction professionals. This software computes with units, not just converts units.
  • Web based knowledge management system – Developed application for a large petroleum company that facilitates collection and management of a range of data such as incident reports, near miss reports, and audit reports.
  • Engineering application for accident consequence analysis – Developed an application that estimates potential consequenses of releases of hazardous materials, including atmospheric dispersion modeling and estimation of potential impacts on populations.
  • Exam management system – Developed a software tool used in building and managing certification exams for safety professionals. The software assists with tracking exam questions and examinations through their life cycles from creation through retirement.