Software Consulting and Development Services

Formative Software, Inc. provides consulting and application development services that consistently meet customer needs. Our top priorities are high quality and high value for our clients.

Our co-founders each have more than 20 years' experience in software development and have played major roles in the development of numerous applications for commercial sale and for individual clients.

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About Our Name

Two meanings of the word formative say a lot about us:

  1. Capable of giving form
    We pride ourselves on beginning with your ideas and business needs and forming high quality, high value software tools.
  2. Capable of growth and development
    In any business, it is important to continuously grow and learn new things. In the rapidly evolving world of software, it is a vital part of what we do every day.

Consulting Services

Formative offers full software development services, from helping you determine what you need to delivering a finished product and training users.

  • Needs Assessment and Requirements Development – Carefully and clearly defining purpose, priorities, and required capabilities of an application is the part of the development process that is most critical to the success of a project. We pride ourselves on listening to you and working with you to define and document precisely what an application will do.
  • Design – We design a solid, efficient architecture to meet the application requirements.
  • Implementation – Because of our extensive experience in writing commercial applications, we efficiently write the code to make applications work and work well.
  • Testing – We thoroughly test every application to verify that it meets the performance requirements.
  • Documentation – We have the technical writing expertise to provide clear, concise documentation to accompany an application.
  • Training – Training can range from meeting informally with a group of people to demonstrate a new application to developing training materials and delivering training in a classroom environment.


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